Thursday, February 04, 2010

Moving, Not Quitting

Because of a reason, I'm going to be posting new material over at from here on out. Don't worry; all the old stuff will live here basically forever. But if you want to see new posts, they're going to be there from now on. Possibly more frequently. We'll see if people still like dogs in 2010.

Thanks for reading; I'll see you over there shortly.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dogs 472-476

You can get just about anything made of styrofoam these days; the trick is to weight them down so they don't blow around in the gentlest of gusts. Superglue works, too.

When sorrow comes to your dinner table
Got to break out the cheap wine
I said when sorrow comes to your dinner table, oh lord
You better have that cheap wine
'Cause when sorrow is at your table all thirsty
Ain't nobody gonna have a good time

The Professor is perfectly content to wait until everyone is done talking. Yes, everyone. That's fine; the Professor gets paid either way, and she knows it. The Professor has patience.

"This might just be the LSD talking, but you've got a bee on your shoulder, man. Don't move! Don't move, it just -- oh man, it just turned into a ten-dimensional butterfly with rainbow magic mirror eyes for wings. I don't know if they make a spray for that, man, you might just have to let it sit there until it tells you what it wants. That's probably the way to go here. That's what I'd do."

I swear, Agent Arterius, I never told anyone! Nobody knows about the artifact -- it's safe! The coordinates are still encrypted, they're on a disk in my office and the door is coded to my voiceprint! Please don't report me to the Council! Please!!