A Paltry & Insignificant Collection of Photos

Seriously, you guys. I did not take a lot of photos. That was a task admirably discharged by just about everyone else who showed up. But I did get a few good ones. And here they are.

Minimal backstory: Chances are if you're looking at these, you were there or you know what was going on, but for those of you who don't: The Alternative Press Expo (APE) is basically the biggest indie comic convention that happens on this coast, and a bunch of my internet friends came out to see it, hang out, and basically just have a good time with each other. These are some photos from that weekend, which was at the beginning of April.

You can tell the title of this page comes from this photo. No one else got this shot somehow! Also, nobody got any shots of the pornography the LA people brought up with them, presumably purchased at some seedy truck stop somewhere. It was pretty scary bad pornography, you guys.

Note: This photo is out of continuity, but it had to be put here. It had to.

Backing up to Friday: Those of us who were able met for lunch/dinner-type eats at Park Chow. I forget exactly what time it was, but it was probably closer to dinner than lunch, now that I think about it. I didn't notice it until just now, but look how evenly it's split, gender-wise! I ruined it by sitting next to Zoha.
L-R: Jake, Seung, Shawn, Katie, Gabe, Zoha

Many pictures exist of the time Shawn and Jake were in this thing, but I didn't see many of this particular pairing. Check out the fantastic face I'm making! I like to think that if I were a rabbit being pulled from a hat due to magical intervention, that's the face I'd make.
L-R: Me, Gabe

The most dignified picture of James and Shawn ever taken. They're wearing party hats because Friday night we threw a birthday party for Skott (not pictured), who's always saying it's his birthday on the internet. This was a great night. Look, you can see the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKOTT!!!! banner we made out of toilet paper in the background!
L-R: James, Shawn

Funfact: These lovely ladies both have the same first name. Also, according to the redeye, they are both possessed by evil spirits. But still: Observe. Why am I not smiling, surrounded by those two? What the hell is wrong with me?*
L-R: Genevieve, me, Eve

* The answer to this is that I've determined that I acquire an extremely doofy, -50 IQ look when I am photographed smiling with my mouth open. I don't know why it is, but I feel this very strongly. So I'm self-conscious about smiling with my mouth open in photos, or even smiling at all I guess. Note that this does not apparently preclude me from making really dumb faces, as above.

Actual APE picture. I liked this guy's shirts. Especially the blue one. But I don't have room for a lot of shirt purchases in my wardrobe. I did fail spectacularly to get a picture of the shirt I did buy, which goes to show you what sort of photojournalistic instincts I possess.*

* The extremely poor kind.

There was this one table that had these ridiculously fun hats. Here's one of them!

Actually, there were a lot of really great, adorable stuffed things at APE this year. Take a look at that little white dude. Isn't he great? He wins.


That was the name of this design, I think.

Nothing more to say there.

I didn't take a single photo all Saturday night. Too busy drinking. Nor Sunday. Too busy recovering and eating Mexican food. This was taken at the Isotope on Sunday evening, at the intimate "kill the keg" gathering during which beer was had and filthy stories were told. That raygun is glorious. Jared (who works there) made it.

I kind of feel like I would make a really great assassin if I lived in a future world.

And that's it. That's all the pictures I took that were fit to put up on the world-wide internet. This doesn't give you a very comprehensive view into what happened, but I guess I wasn't really quick on the draw with my camera. Too much was going on!

Maybe I'll do a better job next time, but I'm pretty content with what I got, to be honest. And really, that's what's important. Damn, I am the greatest after-school special ever written.

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